Hankley Common Golf Club

Men's Mid-Am Open 2020 (R1)

Wednesday 15th July 2020, Purple Tees, Hankley Common

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ResultsGross [click for Nett]CSS 75 (Visitors 75)
1st Mark Burgess(-1)  Blackmoor Golf Club70
2nd Alex CHRISTIE(-3)  Reigate Hill Golf Club72
2nd Martin Young(-3)  Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club72
4th Steve Watts(0)  Seaford Golf Club73
4th Will Dugdale(-1)  Reigate Hill Golf Club73
6th Dougie Hunter(0)  Hindhead Golf Club74
6th Scott Nightingale(-3)  Worthing Golf Club74
6th Leyton Hardwick(2)  Wentworth Golf Club74
9th Ian Rennie(1)  Hindhead Golf Club75
9th Ben Attwood(2)  Denham Golf Club75
9th Nigel Ayling(3)  New Zealand Artisans Golf Club75
9th Duncan Hodgson(-1)  Burhill Golf Club75
9th Andrew Inglis(1)  Roehampton Golf Club75
9th Ben James Palmer(-1)  Reigate Hill Golf Club75
15th Darren Richards(0)  Neath Golf Club76
15th Robert Hampson(1)  Willingdon Golf Club76
15th Jamie Gallacher(-1)  Sunningdale Golf Club76
15th Gert Coetzee(0)  Mill Ride Golf Club76
15th Simon Crockett(-1)  Addington Palace Golf Club76
20th Simon French(2)  Hankley Common77
20th Gordon Forster(0)  Harpenden Common Golf Club77
20th Paul Kitching(3)  The Millbrook Golf Club77
20th James A Parker(1)  Burnham & Berrow Golf Club77
20th Nigel Harrington(-1)  Worthing Golf Club77
20th Andrew Taylor(-1)  Woburn Golf Club77
20th Scott Armitage(-1)  John O'Gaunt Golf Club77
20th Iain Simpson(2)  Brookmans Park Golf Club77
20th Alex Tonge(0)  Roehampton Golf Club77
29th Paul Maunder(3)  West Middlesex Golf Club78
29th Jonathan Owen(1)  Neath Golf Club78
29th Ben Patterson(1)  Hindhead Golf Club78
29th James Jones(0)  Royal Birkdale Golf Club78
29th Kevin J Parkes(2)  Lindrick Golf Club78
34th Robert Brightman (2)  The Millbrook Golf Club79
34th Tom Lowe(2)  Mendip Golf Club79
34th Ricky Sutter(-1)  Hadley Wood Golf Club79
34th Neil Sharpe(3)  North Hants Golf Club79
34th Ben Guy(4)  Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club79
34th Andy Barnes(2)  Pyecombe Golf Club79
34th Steve Bland(2)  North Hants Golf Club79
34th Matt Laird(0)  Hindhead Golf Club79
42nd Simon Butts(2)  Blackmoor Golf Club80
42nd Paul McMullen(2)  Broome Manor Golf Club80
42nd Thomas Burley(-2)  Burnham & Berrow Golf Club80
42nd Julian Deans(2)  Pyecombe Golf Club80
42nd Ian Lane(3)  Blackmoor Golf Club80
42nd Jonathan Holden(2)  West Hill Golf Club80
42nd Duncan Scott(1)  Pyecombe Golf Club80
49th Luke Crampton(1)  Reigate Hill Golf Club81
49th Trevor Greenfield(1)  Pyecombe Golf Club81
49th David Cromie(2)  East Berkshire Golf Club81
49th C Terry(3)  Addington Palace Golf Club81
49th George Theodore(2)  Hindhead Golf Club81
54th Paul Telfer(1)  Hockley Golf Club82
54th Paul Kirkwood(1)  Stockwood Park Golf Club82
54th Ricky Shackell(2)  Burnham & Berrow Golf Club82
54th Scott Green(2) 82
58th Andy Elmey(3)  Frilford Heath Golf Club83
58th Tony Jansen(3)  St George's Hill Golf Club83
58th Greg Osborne(1)  John O'Gaunt Golf Club83
61st Niel Murdoch(3)  Puttenham Golf Club84
61st Stuart Cohen(2)  Pyecombe Golf Club84
61st KEITH COLLINS(2)  Thames Ditton & Esher Golf Club84
64th Alex McGown(3)  Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club85
64th P Hodgson(1)  Rowlands Castle Golf Club85
66th Keith Elvin(3)  Sundridge Park Golf Club86
67th James Gietzen(3)  East Sussex National Golf & Country Club87
67th Mark Walker(3)  Seaford Golf Club87
67th Darren Robison(4)  Cirencester Golf Club87
70th Philip Gascoyne(1)  Chiltern Forest Golf Club89
71st Mark Scott(2)  Reigate Hill Golf Club91
N/A MR A PRINT(0)  Overstone Park Golf ClubWD

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